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5 Classics: 6 Films

This movie cycle is created and dedicated to all the world, and will be as poignantfor the worldwide market as for Chinese audience itself. These films areworks made according to the principles of thoroughness of art. They will serveto acquire and expand our knowledge of these principles. These are not publicist informational or expo promotional movies - these are works about humansand society from multiple angles. The authors will be given their creative freedom within a framework of complete respect to the cultural sensitivities of China.
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"El Choco Sagrado"

A Film project "El Choco Sagrado"
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"0 Space 0 Time"

For centuries Vilnius has attracted a variety of nationalities and religions. This is a cultural medium, which can help to understand both west and east. Although it is in two parts, but at the same time definitely does not belong to any of them. Famous film directors from different European countries tell their short stories about the epoch. Vilnius in this project is the starting point of becoming a movie character itself
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“Expressed in practical words born of much grief on repentance, on counsel for the benefit of the soul, on self-discipline, on the rules of contrite living, on dedication and commitment, on exposing the unseen, on confession of sins, on disclosure of secrets, on laying open of the covered up, on reproach for the hidden. Powerful salves for incurable wounds, effective medicines for invisible pains, multi-symptom remedies for the pangs of turmoil, for the passions of all temperaments, occasions for tears, impulses to prayer, prepared in response to the requests of the hermit fathers and the multitude in the desert, called the BOOK OF LAMENTATIONS written by the MONK GREGORY OF NAREK MONASTERY.”
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