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The book is available from December 2020

It is expected to have a whole set of plays "PUPPETEER AND OTHER CINEMATOGRAPHIC PLAYS" by Giedrius Zubavičius.
He introduces a new concept of a "CINEMATOGRAPHIC PLAY". These pieces are written in a way that can be used in both theatre and cinema without requiring any additional adaptation work.

(…And then Laozi uttered:
All under the sun know the beauty of the beautiful; and in doing this, they have an idea of what ugliness is. Existence and non-existence give birth the one to the idea of the other; difficulty and ease produce the one the idea of the other, while high and low rest upon each other; voice and sound harmonize each other, front and back follow one another – therefore the completeness lasts forever.
For a moment, Confucius stopped to think about it. Suddenly, it began to rain lightly…)

A book by G. Zubavicius "haikos 55" electronic version.

A book will be released at 2021.






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