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The Company was established in 2006. Essential motto of MA NO FILMS is generating and implementing ideas from the very beginning till the last stage of the project realization. The company's method of operation is bringing together the creative collective for the particular projects. This approach helps company to stay fresh and keep away from sameness and going downstream.

In 2008 the Company MA NO FILMS debuted with a motion picture “Flowers”. In 2009 MA NO FILMS, together with SPUTNIK OY the world-renowned Finnish film director Aki Kaurismaki company held an international film festival “Cinema against lies". In order to follow all stages in film production from first idea to a final result delivery to an audience MA NO FILMS in 2011 started  film distribution activities.

In 2020 the company started to publish books, setting up a company branch MA NO BOOKS. Main activity - publishing books related about cinema.

The company's activities: movie making, distribution, cinema events and festivals organization.



















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